Early Spring: Fiddleheads and Flowers
Approx. 44" x 74"
Recycled wool, cotton , chenille yarn, on linen. Hand hooked, (circular shapes )cut and bound.
Artist Statement:
It was a very difficult winter in Connecticut. We had an enormous amount of snow, more than I have ever seen, even in my childhood. Gazing out the window at huge icicles I thought I should be documenting the scene by creating grey, white and blue works of art. Instead, my mind created what I needed . Hope for an early spring, the bright green of new shoots, and a rebirth of spirit.
I have been thinking a great deal about the functionality of a rug and wondering why its shape must be a rectangle, square, circle or oval. Is it just another standardization that makes mass production so much easier? Our lives become so accustomed to such standards that we seldom stop to think about them. Why also must a rug be a solid covering for the floor? I think it's much more fun to find the unexpected and maybe even wiggle your toes in and out of holes!

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