Five Fine Hens
8" x 28" x 28"
Two-dozen multicolored chicken eggs of various sizes, some with hand written facts particular to the specific chicken or egg. "Nesting material" is shredded Gold Lamé fabric. Stand is porcelain, Paper Maché and antique tatting.  The punch needle embroidery measures 28" in diameter and is constructed of silk, linen, cotton and wool, on cotton. Ten concentric bands of color radiate out from the egg stand. Five of these bands contain text, relating facts about chickens and eggs.
Artist Statement:

Gathering eggs from underneath a broody hen can sometimes be a challenge. Speaking softly and thanking her for keeping the eggs warm, usually works well. Tasting a really fresh egg with its deep orange yolk, more than makes up for the occasional peck from a temperamental hen. Eggs gathered from various breeds of chickens vary in color and in size and add an element of beauty to everyday life.

As a society we have become so far removed from our food supply that we have lost much of the knowledge that comes from raising food ourselves. Industry has led us to believe that all eggs are uniform in color, size, and taste, and in doing so, has robbed us of these sensory pleasures.

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