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Meditations on Color

The beauty and simplicity found in nature continues to inspire me. The unexpected splash of color, or the unusual twist of a branch, catches my attention and stays with me until all these elements come together in my mind and become a visual language. These new images spill from me, and quickly, spontaneously, I sketch one image after another until I have exhausted the vocabulary. It is from these drawings that I choose the images that best capture the essence of my feelings.

It is a challenge to translate these ideas and retain a feeling of spontaneity while working in labor-intensive techniques. It is key that the work becomes meditative rather than repetitive.

I am interested in the relationship of one color to another and how this relationship changes with the addition of other colors. The designs I am using are simple and pared down to what I feel is essential. All elements are of equal importance and must speak clearly in order to be successful.