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“True North” represents successful daring combined with remarkable virtuosity. The work is not mere technical wizardry and craftsmanship. The artist seeks her True North, a life path that follows the most sincere and worthy goals and offers this perspective as a universal model." Lee Kogan, Curator Emerita, American Folk Art Museum

“…Many of her works hang on the wall so they’re read as paintings. They are a perfect blend of two very disparate blends of art-making. Most of the time craft art is seen as the opposite of fine art, but these rugs blended the two so successfully. That was one of the reasons we responded so positively to her work." Megan Luke, Curator, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

 “The exhibition pairs the spectacular 1898 work “Pieties” by Maria Cadman Hubbard, then 79 years old with “…A Letter From Arthur,” a modern quilt by the designer Liz Alpert Fay, both veritable alphabet soups of messages and both extraordinary examples of fine handwork." Ruth J. Katz, The New York Times

 "The compositions that Liz Fay created are astoundingly graceful, and their ballet is all the more poignant when you consider the origins of these species." Tovah Martin, Litchfield County Times

 "...Liz Alpert Fay presents an evocative installation titled "Tall Trees". Her sense is modern, her swaths of color vivid. The trees are nearly abstract, but convey the majesty of the leafless trunks. These are not hooked rugs. They are art works made by using an old craft technique: hooking hand dyed wool strips through linen." Victoria Crain, the Rutland Herald

 "Viewers of this exhibit will find some of the most exceptional pieces clustered together. Two dominate an end wall. "Tall Trees"... by Liz Alpert Fay of Sandy Hook, Conn., consists of four flat, abstract verticals. Despite bearing only a fleeting resemblance to trees, Fay's constructions leave no doubt about what they represent. Her artist statement says, "Just like people, some trees stand out in a crowd more than others." She's got that right. Her exacting work undulates in rich colors on the wall." Meg Brazill, Seven Days, Vermont's Independent

“Adapting America’s oldest indigenous craft of rug hooking, she creates one- of- a - kind floor pieces, wall art, and penny-rug pillows dancing with color and patterns. The only connection to tradition is the basic technique.” Jan Sheppard, New England Crafts Connoisseur

“Fay’s rugs combine the flat forms of folk style with a well-developed personal sense of whimsy.” Hildreth York, Surface Design Journal

“Bold hues and a touch of whimsy characterize Liz’s work.” Marie Proeller, Country Living magazine
 “Fay creates textile art, designs that have made their way into many collections… And many, many astute collectors have her quilts and rugs on their beds, their floors and their walls." Richard Stevenson, The Fairfield County Times