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Abstract Design and Color For Rug Hooking
Green Mountain Rug School
The Capitol Plaza Hotel & Conference Center
100 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont
June 22-25, 2019

As an artist creating abstract fiber art, I am often asked how one translates what they see into an abstract design. This workshop is designed to answer to that question.

The focus of this workshop will be to sharpen our skills of observation, and to use this new- found knowledge to translate what we see into abstract designs. The workshop will begin with a walk around historic Montpelier to photograph for inspiration. Back in the classroom we will translate what we have seen through explorations both on paper and through rug hooking. . Activities will be focused on developing a personal vocabulary using the elements of design and color. Through discussions and power point presentations, topics will include various ways to express ideas, how color influences the way we feel and react, and how we can translate these ideas through rug hooking.

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