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Winter Series...

The Winter Series began with approximately fifty line drawings that were done very quickly in a span of about two hours. I began storing the images in my mind during many hikes in the woods and while driving down scenic country roads. My observations of tree branches, and the negative spaces they create, have intrigued me for quite some time. 

Beginning in mid autumn when the brilliantly colored foliage had begun to fade, I turned my attention to the season and how it made me feel. I tried to remain completely focused on the colors I was seeing outside and was observant of slight changes from one day to the next. I searched not only for unusual combinations of color but also for color where there seemed to be none. It was the emotion evoked by these colors that I wished to express and not a literal translation.

“Mud Season”, which is March here in Connecticut, was particularly challenging. The season brought a sea of browns (which I found depressing), until one day I observed some unusual colors reflected in a puddle. Then later, the appearance of brightly colored crocuses shed a happy ray of hope.