ICU Liz Alpert Fay.jpg

 93" x 84" x 64" (Installation Size)
Wall piece: Wool on linen, hand hooked.
"Grass" (on floor) Mixed materials, hand hooked on linen.
26 Flowers: Cotton and linen on cotton. Needle punch embroidery.

This artwork is a response to the shooting that took place down the street from where I live at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, a twenty year old boy, woke up, walked down the hall to his mother's bedroom, and shot her several times in the head. He then loaded his car with guns she had purchased for him, and drove down the street to Sandy Hook Elementary School. There, in only five minutes- he shot and killed twenty-six people. Twenty first grade children and six adults.

The gun the shooter chose to use was a military style assault weapon. It is a weapon designed for fighting wars, and to do as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. It has been used in many mass shootings in our country since the tragedy in our town. This type of gun is not used for hunting.

I started out designing this piece as a way to heal myself. As the work developed, I realized there was a lot I had to say. I began with the thought that every child has the right to feel safe in their home, school, and community. Creating this piece has also given me an opportunity to share how this tragedy has affected my community, and to talk about banning military style assault rifles in our country.