Petoskey Stone: Memories of Michigan
56" x 73"
Hand dyed and recycled wool on linen, silk organza. Hand hooked and stitched.

The design for this piece was inspired by a trip to Michigan where I taught a "Designing From Nature " workshop in the northern town of Cross Village. Each morning we walked along the shore of Lake Michigan taking photos for design inspiration. Upon returning home I designed this rug, remembering all the colors from our travels. The rug border was inspired by the ocean-like waves on the lake. The interior section of the rug is based on the pattern of the "Petoskey Stone" found along certain beaches. The patterns on the stones are made by Calcite fossils from coral.

One of the centers in the pattern, towards the top of the rug, was inspired by a beautiful black rock visible at the water's edge. Another one of the centers , towards the bottom of the rug, is cut out and "mended" with a piece of silk organza I dyed orange to represent the incredible sunsets we witnessed each evening. I liked the idea of intentionally cutting a hole through the sturdy rug and patching it with a totally impractical fabric. The piece still functions as a rug, but makes you think a little about the function a rug serves.